The origins of LeBlanc & Koran Dental Centre date back to 1966 when Dr. Legault founded the clinic in Lachine, initially located above the Caisse Populaire Desjardins on Notre Dame Street. It was in 1981 that Dr. LeBlanc joined the firm and he became owner in 1990 and moved the clinic to its current location.

In 2001, it was Dr. Koran's turn to join the team and thanks to this association, in 2007, the clinic became The LeBlanc & Koran Dental Centre.

In 2010, Dr. Ciobanu partnered with the team. His arrival allowed for more time slots in response to an ever-growing demand.

In the last few years, several changes have taken place, among others, the expansion of our facilities, the addition of new technologies and a new ambiance. This new design and a loyal, dynamic and experienced team ensures that your experience at LeBlanc & Koran Dental Centre is friendly, relaxed and pleasant. We are proud to have earned the trust of Lachine's residents over the past 48 years.

Indeed, many of our clients are now returning with their children and grandchildren. In addition, some of our employees have been with us since their graduation. The modernization of our IT equipment made possible the implementation of a new software to optimize the management of our customer files. In this same vein, the addition of an informative screen in the waiting room now provides relevant dental information.

To stay in touch we have a website and social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where we post news and articles related to dental medicine.

All this to keep you informed of what is new with us, and to ensure that the LeBlanc & Koran Dental Centre is the place you and your loved ones choose for high quality dental care.